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In-Home Plant Care Services

We will ensure that your plants are watered and we will provide you with a cleaning service. We will keep your house and yard clean so that your pets and plants can enjoy the same conditions. We are serious about what we do and always strive for excellence. Whether you have a few plants or many plants, whether they require little care or too much care, we are ready to look after them. Our team of trained pet sitters are passionate about pets, plants and are very organized making them ideal to take good care of your home. Submit the form above with detailed information on your pets & plants so that we can deliver to you the best quality service.

Home Maintenance & Cleaning Services

We understand the importance of “lived-in” look for your home. You are probably wondering about who will replace you to take care of your daily tasks & chores. You are wondering who will pick up flyers, newsletters from the front porch. You are wondering who is going to handle & sort your important mails when you are not present. Look no further, we got everything covered. Our House Sitters, aside from lovingly caring for your animals will do all of the above. They will also clean your place on a regular basis (vacuuming, mopping, dusting etc.) to ensure that you will be satisfied with the look of your place when you return.

In-Home Pet Sitting Services

If pet watching services are required, we can have a home sitting professional watch your pet in your home for the duration of your time away from home. Our friendly team will take a picture of your pet & send it to you weekly, biweekly, or as often as you wish. You’ll be in your new destination in a day or two, and will have the peace of mind knowing that your pets are well cared for. This is your chance to make a difference. Our house sitters are up for almost any pet’s needs. Whether you’re a cat lover or a dog owner, we have the service for you. We can arrange for you to be pet-free, without the worry of leaving your pet unattended. Onsite visits, daily wellness care, can easily be completed without a huge expense or commitment.

With our home & pet sitting services in Southern Ontario you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

Our Services

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With hundreds of hours under their belt, our professional home & pet sitters know what your home needs to stay tidy/safe while you’re away.


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What does a pet or house sitter do?

As a home care provider, pet sitters can provide pet care services for a flat fee. They are hired by pet owners who are looking for a home-based pet care solution. They will visit the home of the pet owner, perform the necessary checks and take care of the pet. They can also come to the home to check on the pet if the owner is not available.

In a home-based pet care service, pet sitters work to help the pet owner, who is either at home or away from home, take care of their pet. The pet sitter can provide on-site veterinary care, groom and socialize the pet, and generally take care of the pet while the owner is away. The pet sitter can also arrange for a service dog for the pet, a dog that is trained to help the owner with mobility or other physical needs.

In an in-home pet care service, pet sitters are contracted by pet owners who want to provide pet care to their pets at home. This includes the care and feeding of the pet, as well as the maintenance and care of the home environment. 

A pet sitter is a professional who provides assistance to pet owners to help them care for their pets. An experienced pet sitter can help pet owners take charge of their pet’s care, such as: 

  • Taking your dog for walks or making sure your pet has a good meal
  • Training your pet to behave in a certain way

  • Helping you manage your pet’s needs (e.g., medications, dental care, exercise)

7 Benefits of House & Pet Sitting Services in

No Travel. No Stress.

Whether you have a cat, a rabbit, a dog, you will not have to carry them anywhere. Pets can be entertained at home without having to travel far away. They have the comfort of having their own bed and a meal in a warm, safe, clean environment. Pets can enjoy their own entertainment, and the ability to do what they love while being at home


Whether you want overnight stays for maximum care of your pet or daily check ins while you are away at work or visiting family/friends your fluffy animal can be taken care of. Our Sitters will try their best to work everything out to match your busy schedule.

Healthy Pets

One of the potential negative consequences of leaving your pet in a boarding facility is that they can easily contract infections from other sick animals. As a pet owner, you always want to avoid such a scenario. With a pet sitter, the chances of your fluffy animal getting sick is minimal. In the case of any unfortunate circumstances, your sitter will happily take your pet to a qualified veterinarian.

Other Daily Tasks

You probably do not want your front porch to be filled with flyers, newspapers and other junk. You also do not want your mailbox to be full. Untidy front porch can give your home a very unpleasant look while also increasing the chances of theft. Our Pet Sitters will ensure to pick up and sort your mail, clean the front porch of any unnecessary items and send you daily updates while you are away.

Personalized attention

What if your pet does not like to be around other pets? This is why hiring a pet sitter will benefit you and your pet in the long run. Your pet will not be neglected or get lost amongst other pets in a boarding facility. Our Pet Sitters will ensure that your pets get constant attention throughout the day.

Custom Care

At House Sitting Toronto, we will provide your pet with the most custom care possible. Whether your pet needs to be fed once or three times a day, we will care for them like we care for our own pet. Is your pet used to being taken for a walk twice a day? You can rest assured that we will do the same while you are away. We can also take your pet to a vet when necessary.

Healthy Plants

At House Sitting Toronto, we understand the importance of proper plant care. Your plants are important to you and to your family and you want them to grow healthy and get the proper nourishment they deserve. Our professionally trained pet sitters would happily take care of your plants to ensure that their growth is not compromised in the long run.

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Our Process

1. Identify Your Needs

During our initial contact with you, we will go over your needs such as the dates you need your house to be sit, your dog’s, cat’s or bunny’s routine activities, your home’s maintenance and everything else you deem important. After this step, we will have a clear idea of the type of house sitter you need.

2. Meet and Greet

One of our professionals will either schedule a video conference with you or come to your home at no additional cost to meet you and your fluffy animal(s). Since our pricing varies based on the duration of your stay away from your home, we will come up with affordable, custom price after our meet & greet.

3. Key Handling

The last step in our simple process is grabbing a copy of your keys from you. Based on your preferences, we can either arrange for overnight stays (if you plan to be away for longer than a month), or daily check ins.



Top Notch Customer Service

Fancy a house sit? Leave your home with our friendly and caring house sitting staff and let our experts do the housework while your away. If only home watching services are required, we can arrange for daily home check ins. We offer home cleaning & maintenance services at a discount when you sign up for any house or in-home pet sitting packages. House Sitting Toronto is the one stop shop for all your pets based care needs. With our highly experienced and passionate team, we have a vested interest in helping pet owners take advantage of the advantages of home care. Ready to do the house sit for you? Let us do the job for you and have our experts set-up your home to allow you to be happy with your pets and home. Whether you’re moving in to a new apartment or looking to upgrade your current residence, our professionals are ready to provide the house sitting services needed to keep your home in top shape while you’re out.

Client Testimonials

Here Is What People Are Saying About #HomeSittingToronto

“Kelly Was our only pet sitter for our two cats. She was very easy to talk to, took great care of them, and made sure we were taken care of during our time away. She was super helpful in making sure we had all the supplies we needed for our trip.”

Joseph M


“I was extremely stressed out after my dog was diagnosed with cancer and came home from the vet hospital. The dog sitter that I had been working with was unable to provide any type of assistance. I contacted a few dog sitters and none of them were able to provide any type of help. I called House Sitting Toronto and they connected me with Sam. He took my dog for a walk and made sure she felt safe and comfortable. He took care of my dog while I was away for 2 months. He was so sweet and loving and helped me feel that my dog was safe and that she was loved. Thank you Sam. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Heather L


“This is my first dog, and my first pet sitter, and I am so grateful for her help. Loren is a great sitter, and I would recommend her to anyone. She has helped me through so many things.”


Brock W


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